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Welcome to Supertechina (Shanghai) Electronic Co., Ltd. We would like to support you in flash storage products, industrial flash storage produccts and professional customized flash storage solution & service.

mSata III mini SSD (S1A-6501S) Featured

mSata III mini SSD mSata III mini SSD

mSata III mini SSD
SSD is called Solid State Disk, consisted of nand flash chips and controllers. 

The interface, definition, functions, usage of SSD are same as that of traditional hard disk, so it has been widely used for laptop, desktop, tablet PC, army, Car, industrial control, video surveillance, network surveillance, network terminal, electricity, medical, airline, navigation and related fields etc..

SSD of Supertechina (Shanghai) Electronic Co., Ltd. adopted original and good die nand flash chips and latest controllers in order to assure the good compatibility. 

Supertechina mSATA III mini SSD supports 4GB to 512GB capacity based on consumer and industrial grade.

Capacity: 16GB/32GB64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB
Dimension: 26.8(L)*29.85(W)*3.85(H)mm
Interface: Sata III
Form factor: mSata mini
Nand flash chips kinds:  MLC/TLC
Nand flash chips grades:               Original and good die
ECC:  BCH ECC 66bits/1KB 
4KB random read and write IOPS 
Random IOPS 
Sudden power-off recovery support
S. M. A. R. T, NCQ, Trim and dynamic power management support
Static and dynamic wear-leveling
Bad block management algorithm
Compatibility: Windows 7 and above/Windows Vista/Windows XP/ Win2003 and Linux

Technical parameters: 
Voltage:  +5.0V (± 5%)
Operating Temperature:  0º C to 70º C
Storage Temperature: -40º C to 85º C
Humidity: 5% to 95%
Power Consumption(Varies by density): 1.21W(idle)           3.08W(active)
MTBF:  2 million hours
Vibration: 3.1G(2-500Hz)
Shock:   50G,11ms, half-sine wave
Data retention:  10 years


Quality warranty term: 
5 years 


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