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Welcome to Supertechina (Shanghai) Electronic Co., Ltd. We would like to support you in flash storage products, industrial flash storage produccts and professional customized flash storage solution & service.

Why should you choose Supertechina?

Flash storage

 Industrial flash storage 

 Flash storage solution 

 Customized electronics

- Customized nand flash chips-SLC, MLC, TLC

 - Customized controllers such as SMI, Innostor, AS etc.

 - Customized material

 - Customized logo imprint

 - Customized package

 - Latest production procedure and upgraded skills

 - Customized accessories development 

- Customized SLC and MLCnand flash chip

- Customized specific controller

- Customized industrial demands for specific equipment

- Customized industrial temperature

- Customzied industrial extreme environment

- Customized firmware updated situation

- Good afer-sale service and technical support

 - Flash storage duplication

 - Intellectual property rights(Referred to IPR) protection     

 - Flash storage format

 - Flash storage encryption

 - Flexible solution choices

 - Customized solution

 - Customized package
- Sourcing based on customers' demands
 - Develop PCBA board

 - Develop gift electronics

 - Develop customized design

 - Develop latest products

 - Systematically quality control

 - Timely shipment control 

Supertechina products series

  • Customized Micro UDP USB3.0 flash drive with switch
  • Industrial eMSD-embedded Micro SD card
  • Industrial extended eMMC
  • Industrial customized SD card with super thin cable and mini USB/Micro USB/USB/USB type C interface
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