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    Recently Supertechina (Shanghai) Electronic Co., Ltd. introduces a new hot-selling products as following on June 289, 2012:

    Visible Flowing Blue Light Up Sync Cable Smart Charger For Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod
    Includes 3 part:
    USB A-style male adapter, nickel-plated
    Apple's original male adapter, nickel-plated
    High-quality visible charge and sync cable:
    Visible Charge and Sync Cable for is an efficient and stylish way to charge and sync your mobile devices with the new and advanced EL (Electroluminescent Light) technology which lowers power consumption and saves energy. The most important thing is integrated into the visible charging current, as long as the current charge through the data cable to the iPhone, it will send the flow of light. When the iPhone is connected on your computer to charge with this cable, the current will be issued a dazzling glare, you can see the current steady stream of flow from the computer to the iPhone.

    Length:                          1.0m
    Weight:                          35g
    Product colour:                White
    Visible sync cable colour:    Blue
    On charging, water-flowing light up effect
    Light varying with the speed with the current size
    Energy saving, environmental protection, stylish, dynamic, dynamic
    Bright, uniform, delicate and rich lighting up effect
    360 degree multi-color light-emitting
    Soft, folding and bending, random knot but not affecting the luminescent properties
    Apple visible charge and sync cable data transfering rate of USB2.0 standard
    Compatibility:       iPod/Iphone/Ipad/All the Apple digital products with IPOD 30 pin standard interface

  Technique parameters:
    Input: 100V-240V AC, 50-60Hz
    Output: 5V DC, 2.1A

    User manual:
    Upon visible charge and sync cable plugged into the USB power connector, without loaded, visible charge and sync cable cycling flashing approximately 7 seconds then stopping, if loading equipment, visible charge and sync cable cycling flashing on charging.
    On charging Cycling flashing rate adjusted automatically according to the charging current size: larger current size with faster cycling flashing rate and smaller current size with slower cycling flashing ration.
    Intelligent management charging: With the terminal equipment showing the increase in the amount of charge, the light cycle flashing slowing, if the terminal device showing the power is full, the cycle flashing stop and goes out.

    Upon visible charge and sync cable non loading the device or disconnecting the device, and flashing stopping, if connecting the device to recharge, flashing restart then delayed for approximately 15 seconds.

    Welcome to contact us for further details!

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