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CF card duplication-S1A-6001D

CF card duplication CF card duplication

CF card duplication

Duplication service:
 Mater CF card and duplicated CF card quality inspection, reading/writing speed testing and flash bad blocks number checking
 Remove CF card with low reading/writing speed, more bad blocks number and fake capacity
 Checking and assure 100% accuracy of master CF card data
 Bit to bit duplicate for absolute accuracy data duplication
 Rail to rail checking master CF card and duplicated CF card after duplication
 Other service:
Material available choices:
 All the materials of master CF SD card, duplicated CF SD card and package can be provided by the customer.
 The customer can adopted the material of duplicated CF card and package material, and our company introduces original flash chips, high-compatibility controller and customized material based on the customer's demands.
License key generator:
 Suitable for flash storage duplication of music publishers, GPS identifier manufacturers, members of the exclusive production
 Meet the demands of specific license key duplicated in duplicated flash storage.
 Choose the suitable encryption methods based on the customer's demands.
3 kinds of data erase methods:
 Quick Erase: Erase directory block only with a few seconds
 Full Erase: Erase block of memory with longer time than quick erase.
 DoD: Erase which complies with the standard of Department of Defense of US government with The highest degree of safety.
 The erasing time of DoD erase is three times longer than full erase
 It only takes few seconds to do format and the system will format the flash devices to FAT32 or FAT16.
Intellectual property rights(Referred to IPR) protection:
 Make customer's data confidential strictly, provide perfect IPR protection system and sign IPR protection agreement.
 Introducing professional production procedure and software technology to avoid the disclosure of customers' data.
 Pack up the goods based on the customers' requirement.
 Customize the package material based on the customers' requirements.
 All the materials have passed CE and RoHS.


Quality warranty term:
5 years

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